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April 16, 2012
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The LOL Corner 120

Mon Apr 16, 2012, 9:04 PM

The LOL Corner

This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.

Every edition will feature a collection of the funniest chat network quotes.

dAmnIt! is a database of funny quotes submitted by deviants like you.

dAmnIt! has reached over 70,000 quotes!

When something funny happens in a chatroom, share it with everyone! It only takes a few clicks, and while you're there browse through all the other hilarious quotes!

Feel free to note deshrubber with suggested dAmnIt! quotes to go into the next edition. Please make sure that the quote has already been submitted and approved to dAmnIt! and that you give the quote number in your note.

The Last 10 Editions:

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Edition One Hundred and Nineteen

The Link

Above each quote you can find a link to the quote. This will show you who submitted the quote and give you the opportunity to :+favlove: it if you enjoyed it, a newer feature to dAmnit!. It also makes it easier to share quotes with friends.

The Quotes

AblativeLove quotes,…

19:18:46 <autumnsky66> lol just do /me and type whatever you want :P

luvHP4ever quotes,…

<SuperArrow> Liquid drum and bass is best drum and bass.

* NightWorldGrl read "drum and bass" as "dumbass"

etherealbeast quotes,…

<sodalicious> I am going to bed
<sodalicious> because I am a bit depressed and have nothing better to do
<laserbeast> stick stuff in your butt
<sodalicious> no
<laserbeast> yes
<sodalicious> not happening
<laserbeast> prude
<sodalicious> you do it
<laserbeast> come over and ill gladly put stuff in your butt
<laserbeast> :eyes:

Dezenerate quotes,…

06:56:14 PM <zio-san> :iconlongcat1plz:
06:56:17 PM <zio-san> :iconlongcat2plz:
06:56:20 PM <MNBot> HELP! My software has been hacked by a troop of cats!
06:56:21 PM <zio-san> :iconlongcat3plz:

catluvr2 quotes,…

08:02:20 <PotHeadJesus> So just saying certain things means I get put in Cat Genome Research?
08:02:20 <MNBot> PotHeadJesus: On behalf of Feline UpRising thank you for volunteering for our experiments.
08:02:21 ** PotHeadJesus has been made a member of CatGenomeResearch by MNBot *
08:02:23 <PotHeadJesus> fuck
08:02:25 <PotHeadJesus> you

Arsevere quotes,…

<Arsevere> Is this a gross kiss or worm sex? :icongrosskissplz:
<AgentRodRedline> .....Do we really need to figure that out? :iconwthplz:
<Arsevere> :lol:

Wolfchotic-Josh quotes,…

<manakai1> I DEMAND RP


Eurythmic quotes,…

02:24:55 AM <Eurythmic> what is sleep and how does it work :stare:
02:27:38 AM <i-haet-mushrooms> good question
02:29:08 AM <Eurythmic> the world may never know

Kirona quotes,…

23:28:49 <Kirona> So wha's everyone up to? o:
23:30:41 <Kirona> That much, eh? :unimpressed:
23:32:03 <Katmomma> :iconkatmomma:
                                        :iconpooplz: I'm tryin to poop. do you mind?
23:32:11 <Kirona> :lol:
23:32:11 <Katmomma> xD

PotHeadJesus quotes,…

12:45:20 AM <thederangedone> PotHeadJesus: I love all of the devart regulars' assholes.
12:45:28 AM <thederangedone> as if they were my own
12:45:29 AM <PotHeadJesus> thederangedone: I thought so
12:45:40 AM <PotHeadJesus> Do you ever smack your own asshole?
12:45:45 AM <PotHeadJesus> (lolwat)
12:45:47 AM <hazelnutx> wow
12:45:51 AM <pickledeer> thederangedone: That's a lot of assholes.
12:45:55 AM <hazelnutx> what a comment to come back to.

dragonmunchies quotes,…

03:17:30 AM <dragonmunchies> I WAS TABBED?
03:17:38 AM <dragonmunchies> sorry i wasn't paying attention
03:17:54 AM <dragonmunchies> i was watching some dude play bikini karate babes 2
03:18:03 AM <dragonmunchies> it was beautiful

Skelaris quotes,…

11:29:37 PM <PeanutsDontHateYou> Men and their dicks
11:29:54 PM <WhatDaFock> :eyes: I got an example if you need one.
11:29:56 PM <PeanutsDontHateYou> I'd like to bite them off
11:30:01 PM <WhatDaFock> .,....
11:30:01 PM <PeanutsDontHateYou> and burn them
11:30:01 PM <Blood-Charm999> ... :lol:

BruniBun quotes,…

<Ookami110> URANUS
<Ookami110> As much as we want to clean the Earth... we want you to clean Uranus first. v u v
<Ookami110> -- //SHOTDEAD

RoyalBlackheart quotes,…

09:34:37 PM <Blackheart276> I can see
09:34:37 PM <The-Thundercracker> xD
09:34:38 PM <Blackheart276> The fuure
09:34:40 PM <Blackheart276> *FUTURE
09:34:41 PM <The-Thundercracker> LMAO
09:34:41 PM <Blackheart276> DAMMIT
09:34:49 PM <Blackheart276> ...
09:34:52 PM <Blackheart276> I saw that coming too

Wolfchotic-Josh quotes,…

<SonicandJTHMgurl666> hey jc i got a joke for you
<Wolf-Lives> What?
<SonicandJTHMgurl666> why did the woman cross the road?
<Wolf-Lives> Hmm... real question is, how did the road get into the kitchen

Uni77 quotes,…

<Uni77> Dear Brendan, you've had a total of 136 1/2 days of school, while I've had 126. :3 ...
<FoomBerry> does that 126 also cunting snowdays?

MadManInTheBox quotes,…

19:36:11 <superdur1995> $back

19:36:11 <MehBot> superdur1995 has returned from . (Away for: 370560 hour(s) 35 minute(s) 40 second(s))

19:36:13 <superdur1995>

19:36:18 <Corgidan> superdur1995: Gone much?

19:36:39 * superdur1995 is an old man now

1LoveDrew quotes,…

10:19:56 PM <mrawsomeness> nobody's a saint in this world
10:20:07 PM <1LoveDrew> Bernards are...

Sverna quotes,…

09:51:13 PM <stomachlinedinlace> i had to drop out due to
09:51:15 PM <stomachlinedinlace> emotional reasons
09:51:19 PM <Razelly> pooping
09:51:24 PM <Razelly> severe pooping. O:
09:51:24 PM <stomachlinedinlace> i had to drop out due to pooping
09:51:27 PM <stomachlinedinlace> in every corner
09:51:30 PM <stomachlinedinlace> of every classroom
09:52:05 PM <Razelly> stomachlinedinlace: that's gross
09:52:13 PM <stomachlinedinlace> i was expressing myself >:I

HazelCraft  quotes,…

02:31:28 PM <TheThingThatIs> My new girlfriend just said, "After an orgasm, I like to kiss and cuddle, then fall asleep in each others arms. What about you?" I said, "I usually delete my browsing history and throw the tissues away."

lack-of-color quotes,…

20:27:49 <lack-of-color> A man walks into a bar
20:28:07 <lack-of-color> He accidentally slices his carotid artery and bleeds to death.
20:28:09 <lack-of-color> Fin.

This regular news article promises to make you giggle, chortle, and laugh your ass off.
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Dat second last one XD
Kaz-D Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You've been featured in Photography Weekly!
Enjoy :)
deshrubber Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Cool! Thanks! :love:
RTNightmare Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Oh man, these were fabulous! I need to read more! :lmao:
deshrubber Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
You should!
RTNightmare Apr 20, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
:D Will do!
TouchedVenus Apr 19, 2012  Professional Digital Artist
These are always so hilarious. :XD:
deshrubber Apr 19, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
That's the reason we keep doing them! =D
ArtByCher Apr 18, 2012   Traditional Artist
:rofl: How many times I've been in there and wish I could fix my misspellings after I hit the enter button!
deshrubber Apr 18, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm sure most people do too! :laughing:
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